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The Warrego Team
The Warrego Team

About Warrego Energy

Passionate. Focused. Highly motivated.
Agile teams don't just happen by chance.

Every organisation relies on a great team and at Warrego Energy we are no exception.  The effectiveness of our team is the primary reason for our success.

We are defined by the entrepreneurial and innovative approach of our founders Dennis Donald and Duncan MacNiven who have moulded the business around a core team of professionals.

Consequently, they have created an agile, responsive organisation free from the bureaucracy and overhead burden of many traditional oil sector businesses. The skills and experience inherent in this world class team will reduce technical and investment risk, ensure efficient execution and maximise the potential for all stakeholders.

Greg Columbus (Link to bio)

Dennis Donald (Link to bio)
Group CEO & Managing Director

Duncan MacNiven (Link to bio)
Executive Vice President - Europe

Owain Franks (Link to bio)
President - Europe

Mark Routh (Link to bio)
Non-executive Director

David Biggs (Link to bio)
CEO - Australia

Cathy McKeagney (Link to bio)
General Manager, Commercial

Jani Surjan (Link to bio)
Chief Financial Officer

Peter Veenhof (Link to bio)
EVP - Joint Ventures

Bill Bennett (Link to bio)
Drilling & Execution Support

Steve Ludlow (Link to bio)
HSEQ Manager

Jeff Riley (Link to bio)
Head of Marketing & Communications

Stuart Nichol (Link to bio)
Technical Manager

John Newman (Link to bio)
General Counsel & Company Secretary

australia registered office

Level 6, London House
216 St George's Terrace
Perth, WA 6000
ABN 82 125 394 667

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